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Indiana HIV Funding Matrix

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Local Funding


The Indiana HIV Funding Matrix is a platform developed to bring increased clarity and transparency to HIV projects and programs funded in Indiana. The goal of the funding matrix is to make it easier for community leaders to understand how grant funds are being allocated in their communities.

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Sustainable Transparency

This platform is designed to be a sustainable and easily accessible resource for communities across the state. The funding matrix will continue to be updated regularly with each major grant cycle.


Increased clarity and transparency around funding decisions and fund utilization.


A more efficient process for allocating grant funds and measuring impact.


Improved communication between government agencies and community leaders.


New collaboration opportunities between community partners.


Greater accountability for how grant funds are spent within each community.


Driving innovation in the way grant funding is utilized in Indiana.

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Collaborating Funders

The following funders have committed to reporting their awards using the Indiana Funding Matrix.

Logo: Human Resources & Services Administration
Logo: Indiana AIDS Fund, Inc.
Logo: Indiana Department of Health Division of HIV/STD & Viral Hepatitis
Logo: Marion County Public Health Department
Tagline: Prevent. Promote. Protect.
Logo: The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, Inc.
Logo: US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages this platform?

This platform is developed and managed by Continuud, a Healthcare Technology company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The project was commissioned by The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis and is paid for using Ryan White Rebate funds originating from the Indiana State Department of Health.

What types of funding are reported on the Indiana Funding Matrix?

The matrix currently includes grants that fund HIV-related programs and projects in Indiana.

How is the data collected?

Information within the platform is collected directly from funders using a standardized reporting template. The data collection template asks the funder to define their funding sources, funding categories, service activities, funded subrecipients, and individual awards.

Is the data modified?

No. The data available within the Indiana Funding Matrix platform is entered exactly as provided by the reporting funder. Continuud does not modify records without written directives from the funder.

How often is the Indiana Funding Matrix updated?

The funding matrix is updated regularly with each major grant cycle. Individual award records may be updated more regularly to reflect adjustments, at the discretion of the funder. The funding matrix is not updated in real-time.

What if I find a discrepancy?

If you believe you have identified a discrepancy, please contact the funding partner associated with the record in question. Each funding source lists a primary contact responsible for maintaining the data. Please do not contact Continuud, as we will not make any changes to the dataset without a written directive from the funder.

Contact Us

Platform Contact

The platform is produced and

maintained by Continuud.



To discuss inaccuracies or to request details about a specific record, please contact the listed funder directly.

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